Immeuble de rapport

56, allée de la Robertsau, Strasbourg in 1902-04 by LUTKE & BACKES Listed monument since 1975

Excepted to the base, made of ashlar with rustic bossage, the front shows a decor of a none-to-equal richness, if we compare it to the complete works of Lutke & Backes. The grid, adorned with tulips, preceeds a wooden portal put at left, which one is surmounted by a cartouche wearing the initials of the owner: Georg Cromer(1). The outer bays end with a dormer window-gable fitted with arches, the latter ones beeing also used as consoles for the side-oriels. Thes arches are so placed that they work like flying buttresses. Rose trees climb to those bow-windows. The ground floor balcony is limited by columns from which chestnut branches and leaves are growing, sustaining an overhang adorned with tulips. The central openings at the second floor are asymetric and topped by an arch scupted with lotus. Finally, the central bays, at the two last floors, form a convex wall covered with polychromic tiles. Here and there(2), we can also discover some mascarons.


(1) Baker, and also owner of number 54 in the the same street.
(2) Keystone from the basement windows, and the consoles of the balcony at the third floor.


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