Art Nouveau walk in Nancy

My best of Nancy AN buildings

There are many Art Nouveau buildings to see in Nancy and you can find a rather comprehensive map of them at the tourist office for free or click here to get a Google map. Important buildings are numbered on the tourist office map and have a separate description. Others are just mentioned on the map by a small black rectangle. Here after is my best of.

See the fantastic Art Nouveau dedicated museum:

The first place to visit in Nancy is the Musée de l'école de Nancy ( 38, avenue du sergent Blandan). This museum lets us see furniture designed by the best artists of the school of Nancy. Several rooms have been reconstructed as it was in 1900. Unfortunately, it is strictly forbidden to take photos inside the museum. So you will have to wait to go to Nancy to have a look inside.

And continue with these villas

In the same street as the museum, you will find a nice Jugendstil inspired little villa built by André in 1903. 30, avenue du Sergent Blandan
1, rue Louis Majorelle. Majorelle's house is certainly the best AN building in Nancy. It was built by the parisian architect Sauvage in 1900. This house is an Art Nouveau manifesto in itself. The program is an artists house with its workshop. The structure can be read from outside with its large north oriented window pane (influence of Viollet le Duc). Fantastic chimneys. Vernacular windows in the roof. (influence of local architecture, integration). Every detail has been designed with care. The stain glasses are very nice.
Villa picture 90-92, quai Claude le Lorrain, built in 1903 by André is a good example of the influance on Art Nouveau of both the gothic revival and floral decoration. Here there is a strong influance of flamboyant gothic which already used some floral designs.

Here are two details of this house: one door and one chimney. The door is topped by pine cone decorations which are a recurrent design in Nancy AN works. The chimneys are decorated with flowers which leaf shape reminds flames

Shops and iron architecture

Seed shop (nowdays CCF bank), 2, rue Bénit in 1900-01 by Gutton. It was one of the first iron building in Nancy. With its very nice floral decoration, this building is suited to its function (seed trading). Inside, don't forget to see some stained glasses by Gruber representing wisterias, a very common design in the Ecole de Nancy.
Magasin Vaxelaire, 13, rue Raugraff in 1901 by Vallin. These two bays are the only remains of this shop. All others have been destroyed. The architect designed also the furniture inside. Pieces of this furniture are visible in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.
The Brasserie Excelsior: see the FAQ to have more information on it.

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